The Kaushik Dutta Wealth Story Begins Like Your Story.

Many Dreams But Very Few Pursue. We Are Your Financial Champion For Life’s Pursuits…

Over 100 Traders Rely On Me To Reach Their Financial Goals

There is a particular way how you manage your money. It is also a significant way to pursue your purpose in life.

In real life they both go hand in hand. If one analyses things, he/she can easily notice this belief shapes everything we do. It shapes how we listen before assuming the well-worn path which is fit for your steps. It shapes our process, ensuring each client writes a mission statement before wealth is allocated. It shapes our views on risk and retirement, taxes and technology, cashflow and compensation. We believe money isn’t an evil. Money isn’t the answer as well. But money is a tool. If managed properly, it can help you get more out of life. This is why we do what we do. This is why our clients are happily working with us.

Turnkey financial advising works well for turnkey people. But that’s not you. You’re different. As we are…   

You have high expectations of yourself. You are adventurous. You also change things. You do hustle. There’s a dreamer inside you and always has been. Even if the roaring flame is now a flicker, make no mistake, it burns. At Kaushik Dutta Wealth, we see the flicker. We see the roars. We’re at the messy intersection of life and money, creating alignment in the lives of dreamers like you. You have places to go, mountains to scale, and people to impact. We want to become your biggest cheerleader and most candid partner where accountability means everything. Together, we’ll get it done. We provide Index advisory ideas in F&O segment largely align with astrology and technical analysis.


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